Sunday, July 28, 2013

Storage for Kids' School Projects

Well, It's almost that time. School time, that is. This summer has flown by, and now we find ourselves starting to think about things like school supplies and morning routines. This is actually the first year that I've had to join in the school supply madness, as Isaac is starting preschool at St. Michael's this fall, and I'm happy to report that our back-to-school shopping is DONE!

So I started thinking about what I'm going to do with all the cute little paintings and drawings and other school projects that the kids are going to start coming home with, as well as report cards and certificates and stuff, and decided that I needed some kind of storage solution to keep it all organized. I already have some little projects that have come home from daycare over the past few years, and they are anything but organized. I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to do something similar.

So here is what I spent my morning doing (all before 9:00 AM, go me!).

The kiddos saw me taking pictures and wanted to get in on the action. They're so darn cute, I just couldn't deny them. (And Alex is debuting his new haircut in this picture.)

I got the file storage cases at Target, and the hanging files and sticky foam letters at Walmart. This is not a terribly expensive project. I got everything I needed for this project for about $20.
Here's what the inside looks like:

I chose to use only one file for 0-3 years old because I don't have a whole lot of stuff to put in there for those ages. After that, I did one tab for every grade, preschool to 8th grade. I also put grades 9-12 in one tab titled "High School". I did this because it worked with the amount of file folders I had, and I'm not sure that parents save a lot of high school stuff anyway. But the beautiful thing is that I can always change it later.
And the thing that inspired me to start this project was Isaac's very first birthday interview! It's so cute, I had to share. I can't remember how I found it, but of course, I pinned it (link). I went to Office Max and had it laminated. I plan to do this interview for each of my kiddos every year on their birthday. (I took two pictures so I could zoom in more to make it easier to read.) My favorites are #9 and #20, lol!