Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Reveal: Mini Bathroom Makeover

Alright, so the last time I posted, I talked about our plan for our mini bathroom makeover. Now here we are 10 days later, and the makeover is complete! This really could be a weekend project, but I only had the opportunity to work on it when the kiddos were either napping or in bed for the night (except for Sunday night when we painted the walls, my parents had the boys overnight so we could do all the painting at once) so it took us a little longer than that. I have to say, I'm pretty thrilled with the results!

So here it is, the big reveal!



I am so proud of us!

So here's a list of the stuff we did:
  • Painted the vanity
  • Changed the vanity hardware
  • Framed the mirror
  • Painted the trim
  • Replaced the outlet with a GFI outlet
  • Replaced light switchs and plate
  • Replaced air vent cover
  • Replaced the door stopper (you know, the little springy thing that kids like to play with)
  • Scraped off the texture on walls
  • Painted the walls
  • New shower curtain
  • New towel bar (we also hung it a bit higher than it was before)
I know I said we were going to replace the closet door, but we haven't done that yet. We might try to do it this weekend, but I'm not sure if I want to take that on just yet since I have to go back to work on Monday. We'll see what happens. I will certainly post pics after we do it, whenever that is. In fact, we will be replacing all the doors in the entire house at some point, hopefully within the next year or so. They're really eye sores right now.

James and I have both caught each other stopped in the middle of the hallway (on our way to the bedroom or somewhere) staring into the bathroom. LOL! It feels like a totally different room! I love the white trim, I love the frame for the mirror, I love the color I chose for the vanity (I was nervous about that one). I am so happy we did this!

And in case anyone was wondering, the wall color is Sherwin Williams Upward. I used their Duration line in a satin finish. The vanity is Sherwin Williams Black Bean. I used their All Surface Enamel in a high gloss finish. And the Trim is Benjamin Moore Simply White (matched to Sherwin Williams - it 's their trim and door line, can't remember what it's called exactly, in a semi-gloss finish). All are latex paints. I don't do oil based.

I'll make posts later with more detail of each individual project, but I was just so excited to show before/after pics that I couldn't wait!

Here's some more!

Vanity before/after:

I already showed the following pictures at the beginning, but I like side-by-sides of before/after pics. I think you can really tell the difference more when they're next to each other.

 I really wanted a before/after pic of the mirror, but half way through the project I realized I forgot to take a before picture of just the mirror. So this is really more of a during/after picture. But WOW, what a difference a frame makes!

And since we're talking about bathroom changes, since we moved in we've already replaced both light fixtures in the bathroom, and changed the light/fan combo to be on two separate switches instead of one. I'm pretty sure the previous owners wouldn't even recognize this bathroom. And it's mostly just superficial stuff, not a huge remodel! It was totally worth the time and effort!

Click HERE to see how we framed the mirror.
Click HERE to see how I painted the vanity.

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